Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why hello there finals, please feed me?

As finals approach and your priorities shift to studying (or sleeping, which I prefer), I presume that your interest in feeding yourself will decrease. With that said, hopefully someone will sympathize with us and provide food-filled "study breaks" (*cough* UPC) for easy access to nutrition, which I'll try to keep track of. Good luck with your studies!

Monday 4/30:
  • Say farewell to Park Muth (who?) at 6 in the Newcomb Ballroom by eating free food.
Tuesday 5/1:
  • Get some free Ben and Jerry's outside Peabody Hall from 2:30-4.
  • First year? Stop by the Quad for free food from 4-7.
  • Fourth year? Alumni Hall will be providing free food and alcohol from 5:30-7:30.
Wednesday 5/2:
  • Stop by Alumni Hall for Bagels and Blue Books from 10-12pm.
  • Volunteer for Madison House this semester? Don't miss their picnic from 4-6.
  • Live in MSC Apartments? Go to their bar night at the Backyard to enjoy some free food and drinks from 7-9.
Thursday 5/3:
Friday 5/4:
Starting today through 5/13, get a frappuccino for half off at the Nau Starbucks from 3-5!
  • If you missed the chocolate fondue on Thursday (or even if you didn't), UPC will be providing it again from 2-4 in Clemons.
  • Get some free ice cream in Clemons from 2-4 courtesy of Honor and UJC (yes, apparently they are different).
  • If you haven't taken advantage of this already, grab your free and well deserved slurpee from 7-11.
  • Hitting the library tonight? Stop by UPC's study break for some free food at Clemons at 10.
Monday 5/7:
  • The Honor Committee will be sponsoring a study break with free food and drinks at Alderman from 11pm-12am.

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Welcome to the Hunger Games

    I just couldn't let a good Hungers Games reference pass in relation to free food, so here it is. Now I understand that finding food may not be as difficult or as deathly at UVA as it is in the Hunger Games, but you will still need a tad of determination, a hatred for paying for things, and a ninja-like presence to pull it off.

    Note: its UVA Employee Appreciation Week, so make a card and stop by one of their numerous free food events this week, mmm appreciation.

    Tuesday 4/24:
    • Biology major? There will be a Biology Garden Party from 6-7 in Garden VIII, refreshments provided.
    • This may be a tad educational, but after the lecture Learning and Forgetting: The Science Behind Memory, there will be free Panera catering and Hotcakes.
    • Like Dean Groves? After his lecture on conflict resolution, grab some free Raising Canes with your favorite dean.
    Thursday 4/26:
    • Moving to NYC? Head to the Backyard to grab free appetizers and pitchers from 8-10, courtesy of the Virginia Club of New York.
    Friday 4/27:
    • Read (optional)? Celebrate the 21st edition of Inkstone Magazine by eating Lemongrass and Raising Canes in Garden VIII from 12-2.
    • There will be free chocolate and coffee in the Newcomb Main Lounge from 1-5, courtesy of College Council.
    • Like Middle Eastern food? Head over to Newcomb Ballroom for Layaleena from 6-9, full dinner provided.
    • Enjoy some art and free food at Final Fridays at the UVA Art Museum where there will be cheese and crackers,fruit, and alcohol (one free drink for those of age) from 5:30-7:30. Ruffin Gallery will also have student art shows with refreshments provided.
    • Don't miss Springfest this year! It will be held in the Amphitheater from 4-7 and they will have free Mellow, Dumplings, cake, donuts, and chocolate covered bacon? Free concert to follow.
    Saturday 4/28:
    • Foxfield means that everyone will be out of commission today, and not particularly worried about your free food needs. Unless you manage to eat other peoples food on their plots (Note: this is an advanced hunting and gathering challenge), find nourishment elsewhere.

    Sunday, April 15, 2012

    I couldn't have said it better myself

    In accordance with Earth Week, I recommend reconnecting to the Earth like our hunting and gathering ancestors did, by eating free food.

    Monday 4/16:
    Tuesday 4/17:
    • This may be a tad of a stretch, but interested in actuarial science? Stop by the UVA Actuarial Club information meeting for free Mellow Mushroom pizza at 5 in the Halsey Hall lobby (no, I will not admit that I am in this club or explain what an actuary is).
    • Grab some free food at Earthstravaganza (creative title) from 4-8 at the Amphitheater.
    Wednesday 4/18:
    • Out by the A-school? The Fine Arts Cafe (which I recently heard called the farts cafe?) will have some free local food from 4-6.
    • Second Year? Sign up for the last Second Year Dinner Series, which will be held at Alumni Hall at 6.
    Thursday 4/19:
    • Stop by Alderman Cafe with your own mug and get free coffee from 2-3, courtesy of Earth Week.
    Friday 4/20:
    Sunday 4/22:
    • Celebrate Earth Day with free coffee or tea from Starbucks, though don't forget to bring a travel mug.
    • Studying at Clemons? Go outside and get free lemonade and fruit from 2-4.
    • Second Year? Join in on SYC's no-waste picnic and eat Take It Away for free from 5-7 in Lambeth Commons.

    Sunday, April 1, 2012

    Desperate times, unconventional measures...

    So apparently this coming week is not the best for those of you who are attempting to sustain yourselves solely on food that you didn't pay for, so you're all going to have to get a little creative. I have stumbled across this gem outlining the least desirable ways one can attain free food, ranging from bartering to freeganism (new vocab word for me). Now, while foraging for food is always an option (and apparently this person's number one choice), I strongly recommend you do not eat any mushrooms you find, since they can be alarmingly poisonous (fun fact: for those who didn't already know, a fungus is the largest organism on Earth). If you think that these measures seem a tad too extreme, then here are some less controversial options I have assembled.

    Wednesday 4/4:
    • In the College? Grab some free Cook-0ut at a Honor Mock Trial at 5:30 in Chem 304.
    • Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with free dumplings and drinks from 6:15-7:15 in Clark 107 while listening to a lecture about opium.
    • Eat free food under the shroud of night while stargazing with UPC from 8-1o on the Lawn.
    Thursday 4/5: apparently pizza is the thing to eat tonight...
    • This may be a tad unconventional, but the first 24 people who go to a Mental Wellness Screening (11-3/Newcomb Ballroom) will get free pizza and everyone who goes can enter a raffle for free dinner at the corner.
    • Grab some free pizza at the Newcomb Gallery during a forum on HIV/AIDS and a screening of the film "The Pan-African Express" from 6-9.
    • There will also be pizza served at a lecture "Thailand from Below" in Gibson Hall 211 at 6:15.
    Friday 4/6:
    • Don't forget to pick up your free slurpee/soda/coffee at 7-11!
    • If you're feeling up to it, First Fridays will be happening downtown from 5-9, and with all the open galleries, I think you can find enough hors d'oeuvres to count as dinner.
    Sunday 4/8:
    • Free kabobs courtesy of Afghan Day from 2-4 in the Newcomb Kaliedescope Room
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