Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And so another year begins.

No caption necessary.
For those who are new to this blog, I post a weekly listing of free or cheap food around grounds for you to take advantage of... I mean considerately partake in. The first weeks of the semester are always a free food gold mine, so let the exploitation begin (or continue...)!

Oh, and check out our new twitter @HoosEatFree!

Thursday 8/24 & Friday 8/25:
  • Did you sign up to be a greeter? They will feed you, though the work required for this food is disproportionate.
Saturday 8/26:
  • Ordering pizza? use the code TAYLOR50 at Papa Johns through today at get your entire order 50% off.
  • Slaughter may sound intimidating, but there will be free food courtesy of UPC Welcome Week from 9-12am.
Tuesday 8/28:
  • First year and already tired of dining halls?  Don't miss out on First Year Food Fest at Alumni Hall from 7-9 (note, here is a map, it may come in handy).
Wednesday 8/29:
  • Third year? Enjoy a free buffet dinner at the Amphitheater from 6-7:30.
  • Fourth year (finally)? Stop by the South Lawn tonight for free dinner.
Thursday 8/30:
  • Second year? Free dinner catered by Wayside will be provided at the Amphitheater from 6-8.
Friday 8/31:
  • Last chance to stop by the Burger King in Barracks for a vanilla ice cream cone for only 50 cents (offer ends today).
  • Live in MSC Apartments (note, residents and nonresidents are welcome)? Grab some free food from The LunchBox at their Second Annual Welcome Block Party at Madhouse from 12-3.
Saturday 9/1:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm personally not the biggest fan of twitter

but I figured I would create one for the greater good of my fellow scavengers. Twitter users, you can now follow us @HoosEatFree!