Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy October!

Sunday 9-29:
  • National Coffee Day! Free small hot or iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts through Dunkin App!!  Free taste of Starbucks new coffee as well
Monday 9-30:
Wednesday 10-2: 
  • Global Cafe 2-4 pm in Newcomb Commonwealth room - Free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, snacks
  • Society of Multicultural Medicine's First Academic Lecture - 6:30 in Clark G004.  Free chipotle and drinks provided
Thursday 10-3:
  • "Ball with the Hoos" at Dell Courts from 4:30 - 6.  Free Domino's
Friday 10-4:
  • National Taco Day -- Free Taco at Two Guys Tacos!!
  • Jewish? (you don't have to be) Sign up here for Shabbat 300 in Newcomb for a free dinner at 7pm 
Saturday 10-5:
  • Football game vs Ball State @ noon -- swing by tailgates in the morning 
  • UPC's Swing Into Fall from 8-10 pm in Newcomb Ballroom - dessert bar with hours of swing dancing. 
  • First Fridays at the Downtown Mall from 5-9 pm. 
  • Crimson War vs. Virginia Tech -- Donate blood (my favorite hobby) and get a free t-shirt/prizes/food! Monday-Friday
  • Click here for a free sample of Gevalia K-Cups

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's a Good Week to be a Third Year

Sunday 9-22
  • Third year? Study break outside of Clemons @ 9.  Trail mix and coffee
Monday 9-23
Tuesday 9-24
  • Third Year? Waffles Around Grounds (Thorton & South Lawn) 9-10 am
  • Also for third years, Trivia Night @ Coupes 6-8 pm
Wednesday 9-25
  • UFUSED meeting at 6:30 in Monroe 118.  First 40 to attend receive a SweetHaus Cupcake!
  • Global Cafe - monthly International Trivia in the Commonwealth Room in Newcomb from 2-4 pm. Coffee, tea, & snacks
Thursday 9-26
  • Third year? Class Picture @ Nameless field at 5:50; free pizza to follow
  • Madison House Volunteer? Open House Social at Madison House from 3-5. Great snacks and desserts
Friday 9-27
  • FINAL FRIDAYS! @ The Fralin from 5:30 - 7:30
  • Meet Up Fridays at Lorna International Center from 10-12.  Light refreshments
  • Madison House Volunteer? Parent's Weekend Open House from 3-5.  Refreshments
  • 2015 Reception at Alumni Hall from 5-7 pm (business casual)
Saturday 9-28
Other Cool Stuff
  • Last week to get your daily free latte at Hot Cakes in Barracks!! Don't miss it! Just bring your student ID or freebies card!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Is it Just Me or is School Already Hard

  • Jewish Grad Student? Sushi and Champagne in the Sukkah at 8pm
  • Third year? Bikram Yoga from 2-3 in Garden I followed by Arch's -- registration form to come!
  • Fourth Year? WINE NIGHT! at Alumni Hall from 5:30-7:30 pm
  • Talk Like a Pirate and get a free donut at Krispy Kreme. Dress like one and get a FREE DOZEN! (nearest one is Staunton I believe, but could be worth it)
  • Free Moe's Queso Day!! nomz who doesn't love queso
  • Cavalier Daily Fall Redesign Launch Party in the Amphitheater from 6-7:30.  Free Sweethaus cupcakes, Papa John's and Merch Giveaways.
  • Orange Passport Game:  Field Hockey vs. North Carolina at 6pm.  Free pizza, drinks, and another opportunity to get a Hoo Crew shirt.
  • UVA v VMI @ 3:30 and Military Appreciation Day -- tailgate your hearts out
  • FREE LATTES at Hot Cakes EVERY DAY this month. Too good of a deal not to go.
  • BOGO egg sandwich at Einstein's with this coupon  

Monday, September 9, 2013

Titles are Hard

  • Comm school third year? Free cookies on the second floor
  • Print out this coupon for $1 off bagel (so the bagel will be essentially free)
  • Interested in the ISC? Go Greek Cookout at Old Dorms Quad from 6:30 - 8 pm.  Exchange a meal swipe for this possibly more delicious food by filling out this form.  
  • One@UVA Movie Screening of Hotel Rwanda with light refreshments at 7pm

  • Free pizza, drinks, and a Hoo Crew t-shirt at the Field Hockey game against Richmond at 6 pm. 
  • Career Fair at JPJ until 3 - tons of free swag after chatting to just graduated comm school kids 
  • September Art Drinks at the Pigeon Hole from 5:30 - 7:30 pm!

  • Free Mexican and Salvadorian food from El Tepeyac in the Amphitheater from 5-8 pm. Plus a live salsa band to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!
  • Get your free Slurpee at 7-Eleven before it gets too cold and you don't think it's worth it to make the drive. Bring your student ID or coupon to the 7-11 on Ivy/Barracks
  • 4th Annual Secrets and Traditions Event at the Miller Center from 4-6 pm
  • Don't forget about the daily free latte at Hot Cakes for the entire month of September! Bring your student ID or freebies card.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Best Kind of Comfort Food is the Free Kind

  • Interested in College Council? Free pizza and t-shirts at Monroe 130 at their interest meeting
  • Second year? Karaoke Night at Sushi Love -- free sushi!! 
  • High-five Dean Groves at 6:45, not free food but a cool opportunity to set a world record! Followed by Rotunda Sing at 8pm
  • Interested in College Council? Free pizza and t-shirts at Monroe 130 at their interest meeting
  • SPOTTED: Red Bull car driving around grounds & Rugby area -- wave it down for free energy drinks!!
  • First Fridays in the downtown mall from 5-9
  • College Council Ice Cream Social (for those interested in applying) in the Amphitheater at 1 pm.
  • Get your Game Day Buttons at the Lawn (near Homer) from 11 am until supplies last
  • Football game against Oregon at 3:30 - might not be a W for the team, but a total W for free tailgaiting food/drinks/fried chicken
Other Things:
  • Sign up for a free cooking class and eat what you make!
  • For ALL of September you can get a free latte at Hot Cakes with your Student ID or freebies card.